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Shocking women out of their autopilot beauty-buying habits since 2016.

You want to know what you put into your body. And equally, you want to know what you put on it. 

Our ingredients are individually considered before we use them. They're as gentle for your hair as they are for your skin. 

Fragrance free, Sulphate free. Paraben free. No harsh preservatives. 

Share with us your own sensitive skin story. We'd love to hear from you. 

Rach and Marissa

Marissa and Rachel

Clean Projects Co. Founders 


Created by women who wanted only the truth in their beauty ingredients

Three years ago Marissa’s eyes swelled up and her skin was red-raw with eczema. She went to see the best dermatologist money could buy (on London’s famous Harley Street no less) to find out the root of the problem. After initially thinking the issue could be in commonly used preservatives, the tests came back that she was allergic to fragrance. Fragrance is trade secret and companies do not have to disclose ingredients - even known allergens. It can be made up of thousands of different ingredients and the job of all of them is to mask the chemical smell in the products we use on our bodies. Marissa kept on with her salon bought hair care and ignored her itchy scalp – it was worth it for a good do. But then six months later her hair started to fall out in clumps and her scalp became inflamed, she knew it was time to ditch the fragrance. She also started doing a hell of a lot of research into fragrance allergies and what millions of people were dealing with every day.

At the same time Rachel’s Mum was going through chemo and every product she used was not sensitive enough, which made her question what terrible things we were putting on our skin and ignoring every day. As her hair started to grow back, the product choices were poor and even the most sensitive products were irritating her very sensitive skin.

Together, they decided (with the help of some excellent scientists) to create their own salon quality fragrance free haircare range. If the ingredients were the best they could find, they wouldn’t need the fragrance to mask the chemical smell that every other brand needs.The result was the birth of Clean Projects Co and a mission to give every woman with sensitive skin their best hair day.